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“I just got to watch a special preview of Euro Euphoria, the Estonian documentary about the Eurovision Song Contest. And it is gold! It is really funny and charming and gives you a great sense of the feeling of unity and joy that can be experienced in Eurovision. There’s some exclusive and hilarious backstage stuff as well. I hope everyone gets a chance to see the film!” – David Atfield, theatre director and writer.

Euro Euphoria is the very first film about the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s a fast-paced story full of humor that captivates the viewer with a cascade of perspectives amid aficionados’ adventures on the sidelines of the annual contest.

The inquisitive author travels to Malmö to understand how the phenomenon of fandom affects the ESC and what is actually going on behind the scenes out of the reach of cameras.

Do gender, race, age or sexual orientation stir up controversies at the international music extravaganza? Does it offer one of those rare opportunities to find your soul-mate for life? The quest is on, every night, 7 days a week.

In this journey to deconstruct the followers of ESC, the viewer meets both novices and “old timers” as well as people working in the organizing crew. By portraying the fans and the devotees from different countries, the experience gets boiled down to its essence in an exuberant display of friendship between nations. As a bonus, Euro Euphoria gives the viewers an exclusive backstage access.

Besides other fans the film features Sissel Kristoffersen, a bubbly schoolteacher from Norway, a charming couple from Australia, an outgoing devoted fan from Texas – Andrew Fendelman, and Jarmo Siim, a charismatic Estonian guy who started following ESC as a fan and has now become one of the most influential organizers of the song contest working for EBU.

Euro Euphoria is a feature documentary filmed in Malmö, Sweden during Eurovision Song Contest 2013.